And I’m back! Well kinda, anyways.

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April 7, 2010 by Anjie3000

Yeah, yeah, yeah I fell off.  But I have somewhat of an excuse, lol.  I actually had 2 health issues occur at the same time, one being problems with a herniated disc in my neck.  If anyone has disc issues then you know what I’m going through.  But enough of all that!  Working out, losing weight and strength building is all apart of my rehab and physical therapy for my neck so I might as well incorporate everything into FITCHICK2010!

So on Friday, I started back walking and light weight training.  I walk for approximately 50-60 minutes a day.  This week I’ve walked 25-30 minutes in the AM and another 25-30 in the evening.  Tonight before bed, I’ll do 20 minutes of the free weights.  Must get the guns right by the summer!

As for my intake, it’s getting better.  It’s been a week free of one of my weaknesses: CANDY.  I’ve had fruit and/or vegetables everyday.  It hasn’t been the recommended amount but I have to crawl before I walk.  I’m going from eating NO fruits and barely any vegetables to eating one or the other daily.  That’s a triumph for me! 😉  I cut out about 90% of my consumption of chicken.  February 24th I announced to my Facebook friends and family that I was done with chicken.  I’ve eaten it 5 times since that day.  That’s another triumph.  I usually eat chicken everyday since I don’t eat any other meats such as beef or pork.  I don’t have any desires of becoming a vegetarian but the more I learn about how filthy these animals are, it’s getting more tempting.

Well, I’m back!  After I saw a little bit of belly protruding out, that was it for me.  That’s all I needed to see.  Summertime is around the corner and I have about 4 weddings to attend, a couple of trips, 2 bikinis and 3 must have dresses to get into before the summer is out.  But most importantly, I want to live a healthy life.  I want to make it to my 50’s and 60’s and not feel like I’m in my 80’s and 90’s.



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