Black Girls Run?…. Yes they do!

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December 5, 2011 by Anjie3000

I’ve said this many times before: I HATE WORKING OUT.  But what I hated even more was the thought of running, although I never ran before in my life.  Then along came a group I was added to on Facebook called Black Girls Run – Atlanta.  For weeks I would see the notifications of posts and I would shrug it off.  Sometimes I would “like” a few comments here and there, but because of my level of hate for running, I never had the urge to actually begin running.  Plus, the person who added me was not aware that I was no longer in Atlanta so the fact that I couldn’t actually run with the girls was probably another factor of my dormancy.

Not really sure what made me inquire but I asked the group if there were chapters in other cities and to my surprise, Black Girls Run was a national movement.  I went on their website and saw city after city of women debunking the idea that black girls and women do not run.  This set me on my quest to join Black Girls Run – Boston.

As a beginner runner, I had no real expectations that I would ever be able to run.  I was reading posts from women who were training for 25k runs and marathons and running those are just not a goal for me.  I didn’t see how someone like ME would be able to go from hating running to actually picking my feet up to run.  A member suggested a iPhone app called C25k (Couch 2 5k).  I downloaded it, threw caution to the wind and began running.  My very first attempt at running I could not run 1 full minute without falling over and dying on the spot.  Today, I’m at Week 6, Day 2 of C25k and I’m running 10 minutes.  It’s not a good 10 minutes lol but it feels so good to conquer a goal!

Special shout-out to the BGR-Boston member, Lornece, who is an advanced runner, for running with me these 6 weeks.  She sacrifices her level of running and her speed to help me each week!  If it was not for her, I do not believe I would be where I am today.

See you running!

Operation Fit Chick

For more information on Black Girls Run and to find a chapter in your city, please visit their website at  They are also on Facebook!


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