I Do Not Want To Be Skinny


December 6, 2011 by Anjie3000

*Takes deep breath*

I said I would share my current pictures to the Facebook world today.  Once I committed to blogging my fitness journey, there’s really no point if you can’t see the results as time progresses.  So here goes.  This is me, on December 4, 2011:

Although society, especially Hollywood, directs our views on body image, I do not want to be skinny.  There is absolutely nothing appealing about Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz or any of the latest “People Magazine’s 50 Best Bodies”.  If we go by what we see on TV, billboards, magazines and the big screen, you would think the average woman is a size 2 and that is just not the case.  Also, skinny does not always necessarily mean HEALTHY.

Since taking on this quest for a healthy body, I’ve been asked questions like, “why are you trying to get skinny?”  “Who are you trying to skinny for?” “Don’t get to skinny”.  Some men have suggested that I shouldn’t do anything because “we don’t want you getting skinny like a white girl.”  That’s not a jab at white women.  Our body types are just different and so are our views on body image – the ladder, I  believe plays a part in the disproportionate rate of obesity among women of color.  But anyways, I DO NOT WANT TO BE SKINNY.  I want to lose some fat and gain some muscle.   I want a toned body.  I want the mechanicals that keeps this machine going in tip-top shape.  I’m not doing this for anyone.  My quest for a healthy body is just that: MY quest.


5 thoughts on “I Do Not Want To Be Skinny

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  2. […] I Do Not Want To Be Skinny (operationfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Natalie says:

    I think this/you are great!

  4. onyeka says:

    Goooooo girlfriend!! I support you and understand the journey.

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