10 Reasons Why I Hate The Gym


December 18, 2011 by Anjie3000

For someone on a fitness journey, I shouldn’t hate the gym.  But here are my top reasons why I do:

10.  I’m lazy.

9.  The regulars act like the gym is some kind of gang turf.  You better NOT touch their machine.

8.  Its boring.  Walking on a treadmill everyday without any real scenery will put me to sleep.  Plus I need personal training to tell me what to do since I’m CLUELESS and if you scroll down to number 3, you’ll see why that’s not an option.

7.  The muscle head on steroids with a neck the size of my thigh gives me the heebie-jeebies.

6.  I can smell the breath of the woman on the treadmill to my right and the sweat from the man on the treadmill to my left is splashing on me.  YUCK!

5.  My friend who’s helping me on my fitness journey by inviting me to his gym as a guest, is a gym partner Nazi.  He’s so mean!

4. You can cut the body aromas in the air with a knife.

3.  I’m cheap.  I have a real problem paying $50 a month for a place I know that won’t see me after the 1st week.  When it goes down to $10 a month, I’m there!

2.  The locker room/bathroom/shower.  I have a phobia of public bathrooms on a good day, but one that hosts a hundred nasty women walking around WITH NO DAMN SHOWER SHOES ON, stringy hair all over the showers and sinks, foot fungus all over the floors and they’re naked, is not my cup of tea.  It sends my bathroom phobia OCD through the roof.

1.  I don’t want to look like this:


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Hate The Gym

  1. Tina says:

    Lets not forget our hair.

  2. Robb says:

    Oh my good God. What is that?

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