P90X Day 1


January 4, 2012 by Anjie3000

I’ve decided to give P90X another try.  As you see from posts over a year ago, I tried it before and it resulted in an epic fail. But I wasn’t OPERATION FIT CHICK then.  I wasn’t on a mission.  I wasn’t focused.  My goal to be a bad azz 40-year-old or a MILF were never even thoughts.  Now I’M PUMPED!

I thought it wasn’t going to be as good of a workout because I do not have the pull-up bar but the resistance bands work just as well.  So I move the furniture out the way. I got my water next to me. Music is playing in the background.  I’m ready to take on Tony Horton and his P90x cohorts with a vengeance.

I slide disc 1 in and Tony wants me to work on my chest, arms and back.  *shrugs*  I got this.  Everything was good until he told me to do pushups with my feet elevated on a chair and when he told me to do another set of pushups with my thumbs touching. o_O

45 minutes later, 125 pushups down, 180 “pullups” with my resistance band, I’m feeling like I accomplished a great feat.  Thinking I was done, I got up all proud and realized the dvd was still playing.  Ab Ripper X: 15 minutes of intense ab work was next.  2 minutes later, I was on my sofa.  I will hit the  replay button tonight before bed.


2 thoughts on “P90X Day 1

  1. Wait there’s a pull up bar, wtf, I thought I was doing my P90X challenge right? I’m so happy to see someone else blogging too, please follow me and help me stay motivated to fucking finish.

    • lol Yes! The disc/workout I did today was “chest, arms, back”. We did 50 or so minutes of all kinds of pushups, pullups, chinups and weight reps. I don’t have a bar so I used the resistance band. He showed all the ways to use the band in place of the bar if you don’t have a bar..
      I’ll follow you now.

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