Long Weekends and Your Waistline

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June 1, 2012 by Anjie3000

So I’m back a week from my very well needed mini vacation.  One part of the vacation sucked but that’s another story lol.  Actually, no it didn’t.  I had a good time because I’m going to enjoy myself in any situation plus part 2 of my vacation made up for it :).  Anywho…  My vacation started the day before the start of Memorial Day weekend AND during the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals in which my team, the Celtics, are playing.  To a fit chick, that’s already a disaster in the making.  Long weekends and Eastern Conference Finals are filled with cookouts after cookouts after sports bars after more sports bars.  What’s a fit chick to do?  I was already down 6 pounds from my Operation Fit Chick: RELOADED so I had to make some serious decisions while I was away.

The one decision I made that I stuck to was that I was going to run while I was there.  When you go on vacation, your fitness routine shouldn’t take one with you.  I ran 3 days and walked the others.  But eating, was a different story.  There were buffets, chicken fingers, red velvet cakes, nachos, Mai Tai’s, turkey burgers, barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, EVERYWHERE!   It is VERY hard to watch your waistline while on vacation.  I’m not going to make any excuses other than it was hard and I was weak.  Summer time is approaching, while you’re on vacation still enjoy yourself and enjoy the foods but do it in moderation and still make healthy choices!  I know I didn’t.   So here are some tips:

  1. Pack your sneakers and workout clothes and keep them out.  If you’re looking at them everyday, you’ll put them on and go out there.
  2. MODERATION!  If you’re Aunt Betty is having a massive cookout, you do not have to pack your plate a mile high.  Still eat the foods you want but instead of a slab of ribs how about just 1 or 2 and if there is anything healthy  there, pile up on that.
  3. Don’t pack your bikini just to look cute on the side of the pool.  Do you understand the benefits of swimming?  Get in that pool or that beach and SWIM.  No other activity gives you an entire body workout.
  4. Instead of getting pissy azz drunk during the Eastern Conference Finals, keep the drinking to a minimum.  I understand the all-inclusive resort you’re on includes drinks but the calories.. WHOA!
  6. Don’t be like me and go for 3 servings of warm red velvet cake, whip cream made from scratch and fresh strawberries smh!
  7. I know it’s very sex-in-the-city-like to drink all those pretty fruity frozen drinks while you’re basking in the sun, but drink some water!  I still guzzled 100 ounces of day of water everyday while I was away.
  8. If your vacation is at someone’s house or a beach home, go shopping and fill your fridge with healthy food that way you’ll have more chances of doing good.
  9. HAVE FUN!

Remember, healthy is the new sexy!


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