The Year of Preserving My Sexy


January 8, 2013 by Anjie3000

__bow_chicka_bow_wow___wallpaper_by_patrickrus-d31mw1bSo I’m one year in with Operation Fit Chick.  Did I give it my ABSOLUTE best?  Absolutely not.  BUT, I did start a journey that I never ever considered.    I went from not thinking about health and fitness to making conscious decisions about health and fitness.   I lost 30+ pounds (with a few hiccups here and there) and somehow managed never seeing 230lbs again.  I eat vegetables and fruits.  I RUN.   These things are huge for someone like me.

2013 I will continue this journey.

I started the new year with a January running challenge.  I’ve committed to running 1 mile-a-day for the entire month.   When I started on January 1st I weighed 204 lbs.

Today, I’m 200 lbs.



One thought on “The Year of Preserving My Sexy

  1. Vicki Maheu says:

    How are you doing nowdays?

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