Operation Fit Chick Challenge

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I don’t believe in “resolutions”.  Every year you set them and fail to complete them before January is out.  I bet the most used “resolution” is to lose weight or go to the gym.  Luckily for me, that’s never been one of my “things to do” for the new year.

All my life I’ve been tall and somewhat slim.  I’ve never battled with weight issues.  I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and not worried about how I was going to get into my jeans.  I hate/hated the gym and I hate/hated working out.  I recently had my first real health scare that landed me in the hospital for the first time in life with some heart issues….heart issues that are still undiagnosed (doctors couldn’t figure out what happened to me) and still somewhat unresolved.  I’m now 35-years-old.  I’m hitting that age where what I do now will dictate how I’ll look when I’m in my 40’s. As crazy as this sounds, I’ve always secretly wanted to be a “MILF” lol!  Yeah, I said it!  I want to be a “MILF”.

With that being said, I’m on a mission to being a HOT MOM.  Although I do not have children and probably will not have any anytime soon, when that day comes I don’t want to be worried about the dreadful “baby fat” that seems to stay on women until the babies have become grown ass adults.  I’m on a mission to get tight.  I’m on a mission to strengthen my body, get fit and become more healthy.  Just because one is tall and slim doesn’t mean they are healthy!

Operation Fit Chick will be a challenge in getting my body beautiful from the inside out.  I will cook more, which is really the biggest challenge because I don’t cook at all; I will make better decisions on what I put into my body (this will be hard because I love cakes and pies!); and last but not least, I will participate in daily physical activity (nothing less than 45 minutes a day) to obtain the body I want and to possibly curb any health issues that disproportionately effect women of color.  But your help is needed.  I’m looking for exercise and weight training ideas and suggestion AS WELL AS healthy cooking recipes.  Each suggestion and recipe will be cooked and blogged about.

Hope you journey with me on my journey to fitness!


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